• Hero of the Week

    We appreciate the committed work of the Volunteers, the health teams, Doctors and paramedical staff in Government and Private Hospitals and the district administration in Munnar Idukki and Karipur, Malapuram and Kozhikode.

  • Hero of the Week

    Epidemiology study

    COVID epidemic has generated a huge response among all medical fraternity regarding various research areas. The Department of Health and Family Welfare has started Sentinel Surveillance. From the surveillance one case was detected that was entrusted for detailed epidemiology study. The PEID Cell MCH Kollam and the surveillance team has done the field study. The report is included in the Sentinel Surveillance vol I. The report is informative and analytical. It can be considered as a model to conduct similar such studies in future.

    We appreciate the excellent work done by Dr Zinia T Nujum, Associate Professor, GMC, Kollam, Dr Sandhya DSO and the surveillance team Kollam.

    Congratulations !

    We look forward to similar such studies and operational research from all.

  • Hero of the Week-Team Kasaragod

    Kasaragod, the border district, geographically distant from major cities with a large number of expatriates had experienced the 3rd case of COVID in the state and the country. The district successfully contained the outbreak and there was not a single positive case post Wuhan returnee phase. Later after the mass exodus came back, the district has become the hotspot of COVID with the highest number of COVID19 cases in the State. However, with coordinated teamwork and continuous efforts at the grass roots by the Kasaragod team, the epidemic was contained and today there are only 3 positive cases remaining in the district. The team identified around 20000 primary and secondary contacts and an at-risk population. All were kept under surveillance.

    The respective teams are continuously working to maintain the achievements and prepared for the post lock down relaxation phase with the clear objective of defeating the COVID19 virus.