Department of Health and Family Welfare
Government of Kerala

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  • Report on infection source identification of The Positive cases– History of unknown source of infection on Day ‘zero’

    WHO declared COVID19 virus infection threat of epidemic on 18th January 2020 . The Department of Health and Family Welfare set in
    motion all the actions such as developing health advisories for people, health staff and other line department staff from 19th Jan 2020
    onwards. Subsequently, well planned strategy developed comprising of strong surveillance, quality quarantine, make every citizen
    partner in fighting COVID, testing all eligible persons, high quality care to COVID patients, proactive care of elderly and people with
    morbidity, focused advocacy, social mobilization and IEC campaign – Break the chain.
    Out of these 7 strategies the most important is contact tracing, quarantine, testing and providing care to patients to ensure that there
    is no spread in the community. As on 30th June 2020 there were 4442 confirmed COVID 19 cases. Out of the total confirmed cases 11%
    infections are through local transmission since the first case detected.
    The Department of Health and Family Welfare has done investigations of these cases through District Surveillance Units and Prevention
    of Epidemic and Infectious diseases Cells. Out of the total 166 cases declared unlinked on ‘day zero’, the source could be identified
    in 125 cases. In remaining 41 cases the investigations are going on. All these cases epidemiological study is being done by correlating
    the number of positives in that areas, socialization, time of symptoms detections, time of testing positive and overlapping of time of
    the known cases and unknown source cases etc. Based on the study the details of these 41 cases will be informed

  • Report on Keralites Tested Positive Outside Kerala

    Executive summary
    As the first case of COVID19 got detected in Kerala, the Surveillance Unit of Directorate of Health Services was alert to identify the
    cases and their contacts. Whenever any contacts are found to be of other states, that information was shared with the respective
    States. Eg the family came from Italy later got detected positive, the inmates of the flights from other states was informed to them.
    When the cases started getting detected in other states, the surveillance unit was active to identify the cases getting detected
    outside Kerala. This was important from the point of view of doing contact tracing here and ensure that the infection source, if it is in
    Kerala, the containment is possible.
    Among the line list from NCDC Portal, a total of 110 persons were tested outside Kerala and found positive as on 30th June 2020. Out
    of these 3 were duplicate entry and are excluded from the report.
    Out of total 107, a total of 96 persons could be studied and it is deduced from the field investigations, the departure time study that 90
    persons have not contracted virus in Kerala and the 6 persons have possible chances of got infected in Kerala.
    The Department of Health and Family Welfare is further examining the six cases areas regarding number of positive cases and the
    time period of the symptomatic positives. The teams have been asked to do further back series studies to see whether there were
    more cases during the same time period. It is also instructed to do more testing in these panchayaths to see whether there is an
    active infection source in the localized areas.

  • COVID19 Death Audit Report June2020

    WHO declared nCORONA disease, now known as COVID19 on the 18th of
    January 2020 and the very next day, the Department of Health and Family
    Welfare has set in motion all the activities such as constituting State Rapid
    Response Team, District level structures, roles and responsibilities of various
    committees at the district and at the State level. Through these well laid out
    structures, the activities such as airport surveillance, field surveillance, home
    quarantine, risk stratification-based testing protocols and treatment protocols
    were developed and put to practice. As the State identified the first COVID
    case in the country, all these structures and processes were put in place well
    in time and also shared with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare,
    Government of India for informing to the other States.
    The state has kept the objectives to keep the mortality minimum and to ensure
    that there is no community spread. With these twin objectives, the department
    of Health and Family Welfare along with other line departments have been
    doing qualitative interventions to control the epidemic.
    While doing the field activities simultaneously, the Department has put in place
    structures for each of thematic / niche activities such as constituting State and
    Institutional Medical Board, management units for testing, Laboratories, supply
    chain management etc.
    The department has been practicing scientific methods of death auditing all

  • Advisory on Recording and Reporting of COVID19 Tests