Department of Health and Family Welfare
Government of Kerala

"Our Health Our Responsibility"

From The Desk of Health Minister

Hon Chief Minister’s is guiding the fight against one of the worst epidemic the state is experiencing. The Government has launched multiprong interventions in the fight against COVID19 involving all the line departments. We are now entering into a very important phase in the COVID19 epidemic control and mitigation. 

We understand the apprehension and anxiety among all Keralites all over the world. It is but natural that they would like to come back to their native land. I take this opportunity to inform all that the Aardram Peoples Campaign launched by the Department of Health and Family Welfare is having the tag line ‘Government is with you’. It is true in its letter and spirit. We have done extensive arrangement to ensure that all are safe. You will get all required information with respect to COVID19 in Directorate of Health Services, NHM Kerala and Department of Health and Family Welfare websites. 

Kerala has shown once again that with public action, supported by progressive decisive governance we can fight against the epidemic together. In this fight against COVID19, I appeal to you all to follow the health advisories issued. You may register yourself, accordingly do travel plans and come home. All the people have been following up the home quarantine very meticulously for the last four months therefore we have not experienced the wide spread cases as we are noticing in some other states and countries. It is our responsibility to ensure that we remain in room quarantine and follow social distancing at home and in society. As these are very simple things to do, people tend to become complacent. Therefore, I would like to reiterate that we resolve to the change behaviour to follow health and hygiene related instructions. This act of remaining under strict quarantine will go a long way in breaking the chain of infection to our near and dear ones. 

The data has shown that the infection among elderly people and people having prolong illness taking medicine are more vulnerable and become serious, if they contract COVID. Therefore, I request that it is our responsibility to honestly disclose the information and follow the advisories. In order to facilitate your arrival, the online system is developed. You may go through the instructions in the web address

Your wholehearted cooperation in registering, arrival and in disciplined way remaining in 14 days quarantine will go a long way to show the world that collectively we can fight and control COVID19 epidemic. 

I earnestly appeal to you to do it for yourself, do it for your family, do it for the society! 

With best wishes

K K Shailaja Teacher 

12th May 2020
Dear Team Kerala Health, 
Kerala is one of the world’s largest contributors to the talent pool of nurses. The world comes to know our State Kerala and Kerala Health in particular through your work. In the midst of this pandemic, Malayali nurses around the world are leading the battle against it from the front. You have risked your health and too often sacrificing time with your family to help those suffering from COVID-19.  You managed an unprecedented workload by treating patients with COVID-19 while also maintaining other essential health services. My sincere gratitude for all your lifesaving efforts and personal sacrifices amid increased medical risk. On International Nurse Day the State expresses its profound gratitude to nurses for their sacrifices and contributions. We are proud of you. If we look at the COVID 19 statistics from the health care provisioning point of view, the total number of COVID 19 patients were 524. Out of them 489 got cured and only 32 are under treatment at present. Among the 489 patients who got cured were 3 years old boy to 92 years old grandfather, that reflects the efficiency with which Doctors, Paramedics and all health care providers are working in the Hospitals. As we are entering into the next phase of the epidemic during which major exodus of people are expected to come to Kerala, it is very important for all of us to continue our works at the field level as well as in the Institutions. The Government has launched specific response to various health, economic, social and welfare measures through all the line departments. Our work now will be more challenging as we enter in monsoons. Therefore, I urge all to be do advance planning and put the response systems in place so as to ensure reducing the morbidity and mortality and ensure that we tackle COVID19 pandemic and other diseases effectively. 
With best wishes. 

K K Shailaja Teacher Minister (H&FW, SJ, WCD)