At the outset, I thank the Government and people for giving me the opportunity to shoulder the responsibility as a Minister of Health and Family Welfare and Women and Child Development Departments. As the country reels under the devastation unleashed by the SARS-CoV-2 virus and rife with loss of lives and disruption of livelihoods, we realise that the battle is far from over. The State has managed to brave the storm and hold the fort in what has predominantly been a story of widespread social and economic disruption.

     The last Government has taken many proactive politics and welfare measures in the social development sector especially in Health and Family Welfare, and we all will continue to strive collectively to take these initiatives to finality and many more initiatives. Kerala Health COVID pandemic action is based on a scientific rationale coupled with a coordinated response of providing welfare measures and by strengthening public action. This was ably supported because of participative and inclusive approach for years thereby strengthening the grassroot level governance system of having strong Panchayati Raj Institutions.

     I would appeal to all the department functionaries, health service providers from the private sector, health experts, social development experts to join hands to provide the best possible care and support to the needy. I look forward to your suggestions for improving the health service delivery and to build a robust health system to face newer challenges quickly and effectively.

Best wishes,
Veena George