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Transmission Classification of COVID-19 and in which stage the state of Kerala
WHO has classified transmission of COVID-19 as follows:
COVID-19 Transmission Classification by WHO
No cases: Countries/territories/areas with no confirmed cases (not shown in
Sporadic cases: Countries/territories/areas with one or more cases, imported
or locally detected –
Clusters of cases: Countries/territories/areas experiencing cases, clustered in
time, geographic location and/or by common exposures
Community transmission: Countries/area/territories experiencing larger
outbreaks of local transmission defined through an assessment of factors
including, but not limited to
• Large numbers of cases not linkable to transmission chains
• Large numbers of cases from sentinel lab surveillance
• Multiple unrelated clusters in several areas of the country/territory/area
World Health Organisations situation report of July 6th 2020 classified India’s
transmission classification as ‘Cluster of Cases’. Globally 85 other countries are
in the stage of ‘Community Transmission’.
This technical paper discusses which stage of transmission is in the state of
Kerala now.

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